Guillermo Gamba Posada

Was born in Bogotá and is an undergraduate from Colegio Anglo-Colombiano in that city. He studied law at the Universidad del Rosario, in Bogotá and graduated as Magister in Legibus at Harvard University.

He has been Professor of Law at Universidad del Rosario, Universidad de los Andes and Colegio Superior de Estudios de administración, CESA, in Bogotá.

He has performed as arbitrator for the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce both in national and international arbitrations. and has been president, sole arbitrator and coarbitrator on several arbitral tribunals for the International Chamber of Commerce and was a member of the London Court of International Arbitration.

His experience in international arbitration includes franchise, concession, distribution construction and agency agreements, contracts with government entities and multiparty arbitration.

Guillermo Gamba Posada

50 years of experience


Member of Ramírez Ocampo y Asociados.

From 1968 to April 1972 and from September 1973 to September 1977 he was a member of Ramírez Ocampo y Asociados.

Esguerra Gamba y Asociados

In 1977 he founded Esguerra Gamba & Asociados, where he practiced until 2006.

Gamba Posada & Asociados

He is presently director of Gamba Posada y Asociados.